What’s next?  Coming off the end of The Parallax Review, I found myself asking that question.  I made plans to step back from film criticism and concentrate on my screenwriting and short fiction work and I have started to put those plans into motion.  What I didn’t expect was to feel the itch to continue to have an Internet presence.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised–writing for an online audience is a source of instant gratification.  You write it, post it, and it’s there for everyone to read.  Short stories and screenplays can take years before anyone experiences the finished product.  Even worse, working in those areas, the very real possibility exists that the product of my hard work will never see the light of day.  So writing for the Internet is a great way to satisfy my narcissistic side.

I’m still not sure what sort of shape this blog will eventually take.  I know for certain that two recurring items will make appearances: First, I plan to watch and write about all the films of the immensely talented and underrated Larry Cohen.  That’s right, every single film he has worked on–even Captivity.  Second, The Movie Defender will be resurrected from the ashes of The Parallax Review and continue its run here.

Beyond those two ideas, I’ll use this as an outlet for anything I feel discussing.  Whether it’s current events, the arts beyond films, sports, or politics, the Internet has given a megaphone to any jackass with an opinion.  I can be one of those jackasses, but with better grammar and a handle on my sanity.

Come back often, I promise to update several times a week and I’ll always try to have something interesting to say.

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