The Cohen Case Files: Deadly Illusion (1987)

Written and Co-Directed by Larry Cohen It’s hard not to think of I, the Jury when watching Deadly Illusion. Both films feature a down on his luck New York City private eye. Both films feature a police detective ally/antagonist with whom the private eye has a complicated history that borders on homoerotic. Both films feature […]

31 Days of Horror: Day 16 – Maniac (2012)

I am doing the 31 Days of Horror Challenge. Every day in October, I will watch a different horror film I have never seen before and write about it here on the blog. I don’t bother very often with remakes of films I like. When I do watch one of these remakes, I do everything […]

Twelve Days of Axe-mas: Maniac (1980)

I am taking part in The Chicago Creepout’s Twelve Days of Axe-mas holiday viewing event. This is my day nine. It only happens on rare occasions, but I can be wrong about a film. Such is the case with Maniac. I first saw Maniac around ten years ago. That first viewing left me with the […]