This is Not a Review: Pacific Rim and Studio Compromises

I’m not writing this piece as a straight review of Pacific Rim. Instead I am honestly interested in hearing from other people who have seen the movie. I want to know if they took the same intent away from the film that I did, or if I am reading too much into the motivations of […]

New On DVD/Blu-ray: Drive (2011)

The common perception of a dramatic story is one that surprises or shocks the audience with unexpected twists.  I think a better case can be made for the opposite approach.  I don’t refer to mundane, by-the-numbers storytelling.  I mean the power of inevitability.  The ability of a filmmaker to draw from the audience the recognition […]

Criminally Ignored: The Last Winter (2007)

It’s a very risky project when a filmmaker tries to make a genre film that wears a political message on its sleeve.  But that’s exactly what co-writer/producer/director Larry Fessenden did with The Last Winter.  Unlike other films that have attempted to merge an ecological message with horror elements (I’m looking at you The Happening), Fessenden […]